Before we even get to the drawing board with how our products will work, we ask ourselves how we will keep customer data secure and confidential.

Security of end customer data is our top priority, because we know it is yours.

Security Features

Read our full Privacy Policy here. Our Data Protection policy is available upon request.
The security of your data is our top security priority. We maintain a SOC 2 and HIPAA aligned Security Program and are under way with our certification program for these standards.
We maintain robust controls to ensure our services stay available to you 24/7. This includes strong defensive infrastructure approaches, and regular backups and disaster testing.
Role Based Access Control.
We have crafted powerful authorisation mechanisms to give you control over user access to your data at every level.
Secure Infrastructure
We utilise SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant AWS services in the USA and Australia. Our servcies are configured to ensure data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
Audits and user action tracing
Every action in our platform is monitored by our detail audit trail mechanism giving you clear visibility and assurance over access to your data.

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