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Echo IQ uses proprietary artificial intelligence to help identify patients at risk of structural heart disease.

Echo IQ has developed a cloud-based decision-support software, EchoSolv™, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which aims to provide physicians with a reliable tool to identify patients at-risk of structural heart disease who may benefit from further referral. EchoSolv™ aims to improve the current standard clinical workflow associated with diagnosis and treatment.

Heart monitor
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of all deaths worldwide attributed to cardiovascular disease
0 in 2
people with heart valve disease don’t know they’ve got it
0 years
mortality rate for untreated symptomatic severe aortic stenosis
We leverage innovative AI trained and validated on more than 200 million echo endpoints from the world’s largest echocardiographic database linked to mortality.


  • Consistent assessment with zero variability
  • Comprehensive hemodynamic evaluation in under 3 seconds


  • Eliminate unconscious bias and standardize diagnosis across age, race, and sex
  • Increase certainty in challenging cases, including LFLG


  • AI trained on the largest global database of echocardiograms linked to mortality with more than 200 million echo endpoints and validated against 220,000 patients.

“EchoSolv worked extremely well to identify individuals with severe aortic stenosis, despite needing minimal data inputs. Using EchoSolv in clinical practice could make a huge difference in our ability to identify those individuals who need timely evaluation.”

Prof. Jordan Strom.

Harvard Medical School Principal Investigator

Applying AI to support improved detection of this increasingly prevalent condition.
Delayed treatment costs lives and 6 month mortality rates are 3x those at 1 month.

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Developing new solutions to enhance detection of mitral regurgitation.

Intervention shown to decrease risk of future hospitalisation and improve quality of life.

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Developing solutions to improve identification of systolic and diastolic dysfunction.
The prevalence of heart failure is increasing as people live longer, with more than 6M Americans directly affected.

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At Echo IQ, our mission is to support earlier access to lifesaving and enhancing treatments and therapies for various forms of structural heart disease..
Guided by leading interventional cardiologists, EchoSolv™ is designed to help physicians get to the heart of the matter quickly and easily.


  • No disruption to existing workflows
  • Risk alerts to support easy interpretation


  • HIPAA and SOCII compliant


  • Can be used both retrospectively to review previous echos and live, with evaluation returned in
    under 3 seconds
0 in 5
Aortic stenosis is estimated to affect more than 20% of people who are over 65 years old
0 million
Providing diagnostic solutions for a disease that kills 18 million people each year
Backed by leading cardiac data

EchoSolv™ has been developed using what we believe to be the largest database of its kind anywhere in the world, with exclusive commercial access to the National Echocardiographic Database of Australia (NEDA). NEDA is a highly trusted and respected research database that collects echocardiographic measurements and associated health information from more than 35 leading hospitals. Most importantly, it is the only database of its size linked to mortality—a critical differentiator for structural heart disease.

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With over 200 million data points, NEDA provides accurate and important data for diagnosis.
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We have access to more than 2M cardiac patient records.
0 M Deaths
Helping improve more timely medical management for a disease that kills 18 million people annually
Cardiologist and Researcher

The use of large cardiac datasets to develop solutions that advance risk detection for increasingly treatable conditions is incredibly exciting.


The application of new techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to the world of cardiology creates significant opportunity to deliver meaningful improvements in diagnosis and treatment.

Public health leader

Applying new digital technologies to the detection and treatment of cardiovascular diseases has the potential to change the way we approach public healthcare delivery

Leading Cardiovascular Researcher and Physician

The work being undertaken by Echo IQ utilizes novel approaches to the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases that could potentially open treatment avenues for those in greatest need. The convergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning and novel techniques in echocardiography is incredibly exciting.

Echo IQ in the News
EchoSolv™ achieves great results in Clinical Trial

Featured on 9 News

Read the full story titled “How AI is helping with life-threatening heart diagnoses” or watch the video now on the 9 news website.


Echo IQ is proud to partner with leading institutions around the world, collaboratively creating new research innovations, commercial opportunities, and improving health outcomes.

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