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Echo IQ uses advanced AI and access to world-leading cardiac big data to identify patients at risk of structural heart disease.

With echocardiograms the most widely used primary diagnostic tool for structural heart disease, maximising decision making capabilities from echocardiographic measurements presents a significant opportunity to prevent death.

This is why Echo IQ was created.

Reinventing cardiac diagnostics using the power of AI

3 in 10

Worldwide deaths
due to cardiovascular


Estimated number of
Australians unaware they have
heart valve disease

30 million +

performed each
year globally

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Echo IQ Enhanced Screening Program

An AI backed system that identifies patients at risk from aortic stenosis and other forms. of structural hearth disease.

Assistive technology that gives cardiologists extra time for patient care.

Heading #1
For aortic stenois
For heart failure
For mitral and tricuspid regurgitation
Hospitals and HMOs

Echo IQ highlights patients at risk who may benefit from further review.

Imaging Labs

Echo IQ enhances the diagnostic information contained from scans performed.

Patient diagnosis

Echo IQ’s advanced system highlights risks so you can have them fully addressed.

Cardiologist support

Echo IQ improves your diagnostic capacity, backed up by AI created using the world’s largest echo database. 

PACS and Reporting

Echo IQ adds value by improving efficiency and accuracy by automatically identifying risk phenotypes

Structural Heart

Echo IQ helps identify previously missed candidates for therapies and intervention.

Exclusive big data partnership with the National Echo Database of Australia (NEDA) provides access to

1.1 million

Individual patient echocardiographic

Rich Data

Patient records now
include additional health related information

200 million

Echocardiographic measurements or data points

Relevant Data

The world’s largest DB where echo data is linked to mortality

Suite 404, 309 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

ABN 48 142 901 353

All rights reserved. Copyright © Echo IQ 2021.

Suite 404, 309 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

ABN 48 142 901 353

All rights reserved. Copyright © Echo IQ 2021.