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Reinventing cardiac diagnostics using the power of AI


Echo IQ is working to reduce the diagnosis gap in structural heart disease. Our solutions use advanced data science and access to world-leading cardiac data to improve risk detection for often-treatable conditions.

More people die from the various forms of cardiovascular disease than anything else. In the US alone, it is estimated to claim the life of someone every 36 seconds.

Whilst a number of effective treatments are now more widely available (and at lower risk), under and mis-diagnosis of conditions such as aortic stenosis remains widespread.  

At Echo IQ, we believe new technologies and artificial intelligence can be used to reduce the diagnosis gap in structural heart disease. 



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3 in 10

Cardiovascular diseases
account for 3 in 10
deaths worldwide

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1 in 5

Aortic stenosis
estimated to affect
more than 20% of
those 65+

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Up to 50% of the
population is unaware
they have heart valve

Our Enhanced Screening Program for aortic stenosis (ESP-AS) will utilise widely-available echocardiographic measurements to provide a risk assessment of aortic stenosis. However, unlike traditional diagnostic methods, our AI-backed solution is being designed to incorporate almost all available measurements for greater accuracy*, at speed.

Our novel approach to risk identification is being engineered not only to identify patients exhibiting guideline indicators of severe aortic stenosis but also an additional group who would benefit from further review, and potentially therapeutic intervention.

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Identification of
severe aortic stenosis

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2 sec

2 seconds to run
full AS risk profile
per patient

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Incorporating (avg.)
15x the number of
measurements as
traditional diagnosis

Echo IQ develops its solutions using exclusive access to the largest database of its kind worldwide. Our machine learning, AI practice and data science are underpinned by exclusive commercial access to NEDA* – the world’s leading database of echocardiographic outputs linked to mortality.

NEDA is a research database that collects echocardiographic data from a diverse range of more than 35 leading hospitals.




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NEDA comprises more
than 200 million cardiac
datapoints and growing

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More than
1.8 million cardiac
patient records

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Of records linked to
mortality, enhancing
detection of risk

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