Echo IQ has developed a cloud-based decision support software, EchoSolv™ which provides an AI-powered risk assessment of structural heart disease aimed to identify at-risk patients who may benefit for further referral and reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.
EchoSolv gives physicians access to an easy-to-use dashboard, adjustable alerts, and a deeper view of risk probability to support earlier identification of mortality-risk in patients who might benefit from therapeutic intervention or more proactive vigilance.

Conditions assessed include:

This proprietary cloud-based platform is backed by the latest in medical technology, AI, and machine learning. Our innovative decision-support tool is designed to highlight probability indicators for structural heart disease using echocardiographic measurement data from a standard cardiothoracic ultrasound.

Augmented by additional checks and validated in clinical trials, EchoSolv™ is as comprehensive as it is easy to integrate into your practice.


Quick view of patient risk probabilities for multiple heart conditions​

Vendor neutral reporting integration ​

Set up alerts for instant
notification when results warrant fast review​

Incorporates latest clinical guidelines​

EchoSolv platform is securely built to align with HIPAA and SOC 2 Controls.

Certification Obtained.


<3 sec per result, aiding in efficient diagnosis

EchoSolv AS™ is designed to identify patients having the at-risk phenotype for aortic stenosis, in many cases before they present with any of the current guideline diagnostic thresholds. EchoSolv AS™ is 95% accurate in detecting Severe Aortic Stenosis, without relying on left ventricular outflow tract measurements. This level of accuracy allows physicians to identify patients for further referral and to seek out treatment and therapeutic intervention to prevent their risk from developing further. EchoSolv AS ™ is currently available in the US and Australia, allowing physicians to access in-guideline assessments. Following FDA approval, EchoSolv AS™ will be available with phenotyping capabilities.


Analyzes up to 15x more variables

EchoSolv AS™ is designed to minimize subjectivity in your echo analysis and the number of missed opportunities and inconsistencies, therefore reducing the opportunity for misdiagnosis. Our cutting-edge decision support software is aimed to enhance existing clinical workflows and judgements made by cardiologists by highlighting patients with a Severe AS phenotype who may benefit from further clinical review, facilitating more accurate diagnosis.


200 million cardiac data points used to develop proprietary algorithm

Our cutting-edge decision-support tool aims to reduce the effects of human cognitive load and improve diagnostic accuracy. This supports physicians in their aim to do no harm and improve patient outcomes.

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